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      5G Products

      Through the strategic layout of 5G new materials, Holitech enables the rapid development of mobile Internet, industrial Internet, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles and other application markets, and is committed to providing one-stop product solutions for 5G high-frequency and high-speed information interaction from materials, structural design, devices and module packaging, to help accelerate the new era of 5G.

      High-frequency High-speed Substrates

      LCP/MPI Multilayer Flexible Antennas/Feeders

      Smart Card Module

      Copper Foil with Adhesive (High Frequency Pure Adhesive Film)

      High-frequency high-speed substrates include copper foil with adhesive, ceramic-filled PTFE substrates, hydrocarbon ceramic laminates, featuring low dielectric loss, low water absorption, and good processing performance, and can be used in the fields of communication base stations, automotive radar systems, smart phones, smart wear systems, and military industry.

      Adhesive layer with low dielectric constant (2.3) and low dielectric loss (0.002)

      Excellent adhesion, suitable for LCP, MPI, hydrocarbon substrates, PPO substrate copper cladding

      Processing convenience

      Excellent heat resistance

      Product application