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      Display Module

      With years of experience in the touch control display industry and strengths in resource integration, Holitech provides R&D, design and production services for touch screens, displays, cover glass and backlights. Our solutions are widely used in smartphones/tablets, smart wear, smart cars, smart industrial automatic control, smart home, smart commercial display, smart retail and smart medical. Holitech also provides customized product solutions based on changing market and user needs.

      Display Module

      Touch Panel

      Backlight Module

      Cover Glass

      Monochrome LCD&LCM

      TFT Display Module

      AMOLED Display Module

      High Resolution Display

      Holitech provides R&D and manufacturing services for all types of monochrome LCD/LCM products, with product sizes ranging from 0.54" to 24" and display types including TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DFSTN, VA, ASTN, OCB and optical shutter. Different structures can be flexibly customized according to the structure difference of clients, such as: LCD, LCD+PIN, COG+FPC, COG+PIN, COB and backlight with different colors as required. The company has 450mm*550mm, 370mm*470mm, 14 inches *16 inches and other sizes of a total of 5 LCD panel lines, production line high, medium, low collocation, size typeset flexibility, industry competitiveness.

      Display Content:160*160dots

      Display Mode:FSTN, positive display, transflective

      Applications:It is widely used in electric power, telecommunication and instrument industries

      Product Structure:LCD+COG IC+FPC+ backlight +PCB+ components

      Product application