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      Photoelectric Sensor

      Holitech vigorously develops automated production and high-end product development and innovation, makes every effort to enhance the strength of intellectual manufacturing, builds a multi-level R&D system on all fronts, rapidly lays out the frontier fields of biometrics, big data, smart cars, and smart home, and focuses on providing customers with high-precision, high-performance, high-value camera and biometric product solutions.

      Camera Module

      Biological Recognition

      High Pixel Camera Module

      Holitech provides one-stop service for camera module R&D and manufacturing, with products involving CSP, COB, Flipchip and other processes. These products can be customized and developed according to customer requirements. Its products are widely used in smart phones, AR/VR, smart cars, smart home, industrial control scans, NoteBook and other fields.

      Pixels:64 million

      Chip Size:1/1.72 inch


      Field of View:D 80°

      Module Size:11.35*11.9*6.63mm

      Applications:Smart Phones/Tablets Rear Main Camera

      Product application